How do I report additional hours for a prior month?

Generate a monthly employer report form indicating “Additional Hours”.  If the original report was timely you will not be assessed liquidated damages or interest.  However, if your original report was late your report will be assessed liquidated damages and interest.

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How do I request a waiver for liquidated damages?

To request a waiver for liquidated damages you must submit your request in writing on company letterhead stating the reason the report and payment were delinquent.  The letter may mailed to SCPDI Trust Fund, 4399 Santa Anita Ave. #150, El Monte, CA 91731; or sent electronically to The waiver request will be presented to […]

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What happens if I become delinquent with contributions?

If you become delinquent you will receive a series of letters and phone calls from the Trust Fund attempting to ascertain the reason for the delinquency and when we can expect payment. The charge of violation is referred for a citation to the LMCC office. If the situation cannot be resolved, or if you completely […]

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