When do I become eligible for benefits?

If you are a new employee, or if you previously lost eligibility, you will generally become eligible for Employee coverage on the first day of the fifth month of a period that begins with three continuous months during which you average the minimum hours for the coverage level that you have selected, so long as you are credited with at least 25 hours in the first month. Eligibility conditions may vary depending on the relevant CBA. See your CBA for more details.

If you select Level A coverage and accumulate at least 1,127 Benefit Credits per month for three consecutive months:
January 1,127 Benefit Credits
February 1,127 Benefit Credits
March 1,127 Benefit Credits
April “Lag month” or the month in which the Trust Fund Office first knows that you have enough Benefit Credits to become eligible.
May You become eligible on May 1.
This is just an example. For specific guidelines, hour requirements, and contribution rates please contact the Trust Fund Office by calling (800) 752-2394 or (626) 279-3020.