Time Deadlines that affect Right to COBRA Coverage:


  1. Qualified beneficiaries will have only 60 days from the date the election notice is received from the contract administrator or the date of loss of coverage, whichever is later, to apply for COBRA continuation coverage;


  1. If qualified beneficiaries do not elect COBRA continuation coverage within this 60 day election period, the qualified beneficiaries will not have any group coverage from the plan after the date coverage ends under the plan;


  1. Coverage must begin the first day of the month in which full coverage would otherwise terminate. Payment of the first contribution must be received by the contract administrator within 45 days of the date that the contract administrator received notification from the qualified beneficiary that the choice has been made to continue coverage.


  1. To enroll, a new dependent (newborn, adopted child, etc.) for COBRA coverage, the contract administrator must be notified within 31 days of acquiring the new dependent. There may be a change in the COBRA premium as a result of the addition of a new dependent.