If you retired and are covered as a Retiree under this Plan and you subsequently return to covered employment, you and your dependents will be eligible for the Active Health Plan on the same terms and conditions as applied to all other Active Employees (you will continue to be eligible as a retiree prior to qualifying for Active Employee Coverage if you meet the other conditions for retiree coverage).

If you are a retiree under age 65 and, after you return to covered employment, you again retire, you shall again become eligible for retiree health coverage for you and your eligible dependents upon your subsequent re-retirement provided you have maintained continuous coverage under the Southern California Painting & Drywall Industries Health & Welfare Trust Fund and meet the rules for retiree coverage in force at that time.

Coverage for your Dependent(s) will end on the earliest of the following dates:

  1. the date this Plan ends;
  2. the date you become ineligible;
  3. the first of the month in which your dependent turns age 65 or becomes eligible for Medicare;
  4. the date you fail to make a required premium contribution. If you lose eligibility due to non-payment or late payment of premiums, your dependent will not be eligible for reinstatement even if you are subsequently re-hired and covered as an Active Employee and subsequently re-retire prior to when you turn age 65 (although you may still be entitled to regular COBRA Benefits);
  5. the date your coverage ends;
  6. the date the Employee or Dependent commences active duty in the armed forces;
  7. the first of the month following your death; unless you were survived by your spouse on the date of your death. In such event, dependents can stay on the Plan until the spouse reaches age 65;
  8. the date the person ceases to be a dependent;
  9. the date Dependents are no longer an eligible class under this Plan; or
  10.  31 days after the Dependent establishes residence outside the U.S. or Canada.