Period of Continuation

Continuation Coverage will terminate on the earliest of the following dates:


  1. The end of:


  1. Please refer to Section entitled “Continuation of Coverage under Cal COBRA” on page. Eighteen (18) months in a case where the coverage originally terminated because of termination of employment or reduction in hours, unless CAL-COBRA applies due to coverage through an HMO, in which case COBRA coverage is available for a maximum of thirty-six (36) months except that:


  • if another qualifying event occurs during the 18 month continuation period, continuation will terminate no later than 36 months after the first qualifying event;


  • if an employee becomes entitled to 18 months of continuation and then becomes entitled to Medicare coverage before the expiration of the 18 months, the continuation for qualified beneficiaries (other than the employee) will terminate no later than 36 months from the date the employee originally became entitled to continuation;


  • if a qualified beneficiary is determined to have been disabled under Title II or Title XVI of the Social Security Act at the time of the qualifying event or during the first 60 days of COBRA continuation coverage, the 18 month continuation will be extended to the earlier of 29 months after the qualifying event or the first of the month that begins 30 days after the date of final determination under the Social Security Act that the qualified beneficiary is no longer disabled. This extension will also apply to qualified Dependents of a qualified disabled beneficiary, whether or not those Dependents are disabled.  This extension will only apply if the qualified beneficiary has provided notice of such determination within 60 days of such determination and in any event before the end of such 18 months. A qualified beneficiary whose maximum period of continuation is being extended from 18 to 29 months must give notice to the Trust within 30 days after any final determination has been made under the Social Security Act that the qualified beneficiary is no longer disabled. The premium for the 11 month disability extension shall be 150% of the cost of coverage.


  1. 36 months, for other qualifying events.


  1. After the date of election, the date on which the person first becomes:


  1. Covered under any other group health plan (as an Employee or otherwise); or


  1. Entitled to benefits under Medicare.


  1. The date this Plan ends as to the Participant’s Employer. However, employers who withdraw from the plan or are terminated for reasons other than the closing of a business are responsible for providing COBRA continuation coverage to their former members who qualify for COBRA coverage.  COBRA coverage will not be provided by the plan under these circumstances.


  1. The date the person fails to make a required premium contribution;


  1. The date this Plan terminates.