Military Leaves of Absence for Periods More Than 30 Days


  1. If you are on a military leave of absence from your employment and the period of military leave is for more than thirty (30) days, USERRA permits you to continue coverage for yourself and your dependents at your own expense at a cost of 102% for up to 24 months, so long as you give your employer advance notice (with certain exceptions) of the leave, and so long as your total leave, when added to any prior periods of leave, does not exceed five (5) years. In addition, dependents may be eligible for coverage under TRICARE formerly CHAMPUS (Civilian Health and Medical Program of the Uniformed Services.)


  1. The maximum period of continuation coverage for health care under USERRA is the lesser of (a) twenty-four (24) months after you leave work due to military leave or; (b) the day after the date you fail to timely apply or return to a position of employment with a participating provider.


  1. If you continue coverage under USERRA, you will be required to submit any required self-payment to the contract administrator. If you do not elect to continue coverage during your military leave, upon your return to work, your coverage will be reinstated at the same benefit level immediately preceding your service before your leave if you are eligible for re-employment under the criteria established under USERRA.


  1. Upon release from active service, your coverage will be reinstated on the day you return to work as if you had not taken leave, provided you are eligible for re-employment under the terms of USERRA and provided you return to work within:


  1. Ninety (90) days from the date of your discharge if the period of service was thirty- one (31) days or more; or


  1. At the beginning of the first full regularly scheduled working period on the first calendar day following your discharge (plus travel time and an additional eight (8) hours) if the period of service was less than thirty-one (31) days.


If you are hospitalized or convalescing from an injury caused by active duty, the above time limits are extended for up to two (2) years. A copy of your separation papers must be submitted to the contract administrator to establish your period of service.


5.      If you do not return to work at the end of your military leave, you may be entitled to purchase COBRA continuation coverage as provided in the preceding COBRA portion of the SPD.  Coverage will not be offered for any illness or injury determined by the Secretary of Veterans Affairs to have been incurred in, or aggravated during, performance of service in the Uniformed Services.  The Uniformed Services and the Department of Veterans Affairs will provide care for service connected injuries or illness.