A member can accumulate a maximum of four (4) months of Benefit Credits/Hours in their Benefit Credit/Hour Bank. If a member works more hours than are necessary to earn the Benefit Credits/Hours required for the level of coverage he/she selected, he/she will accumulate reserve Benefit Credits/Hours in the Benefit Credits/Hour Bank. These Benefit Credits/Hours will be used if the member does not have enough work hours to maintain eligibility, until there are insufficient credits to use for a month’s eligibility.


To become eligible for the hour-bank benefit, you must complete the enrollment/change form. This is not an automatic benefit. The Plan will not permit you to bank any excess credits if you do not select a benefit Plan Level.


  1. You may accumulate up to four (4) months of coverage in your Credit Bank.


  1. If you do not have sufficient Contribution Credits to maintain eligibility, and thus would otherwise lose Plan coverage, if you qualify, you may self-pay the full cost of coverage for that month, use the“Buy-Up” option, or use COBRA to continue your coverage for limited periods of time. These options are explained in the “Continuation of Coverage” Section below.


  1. In addition, if through one of the above-mentioned options, you maintain the full package of benefits in which you participated immediately before you utilized a “Buy Up” or COBRA option, any Reserve Contribution Credits in your Contribution Credit Bank will be carried forward for a maximum of six months. Any hours you work during that six month period will be added to your Credit Bank helping you to regain eligibility under the Credit Bank rules above.  In the event you do not accumulate the hours required to regain eligibility within the six month period, you will lose your remaining Credit Bank balance.  If you no longer qualify for a self-pay option, COBRA eligibility would still continue.


  1. If you are inactive, unused Contribution Credits that you have accumulated in the Contribution Credit Bank will be used to pay for coverage at your selected Plan level. When you do not have enough credits to pay for your selected Plan level you and your dependents will become ineligible.  Any credit balance left once you become ineligible may be carried forward for a maximum of six (6) months.


Note: Contribution Credits and the Contribution Credit Bank may only be used in connection with the benefits provided by the Southern California Painting & Drywall Industries Health & Welfare Trust and have no other value.  If your employer contributes a fixed amount per month, you will be assigned to the maximum Plan level that is appropriate for that contribution. You will not qualify for the Reserved Contribution Credits program except to the extent you have a frozen credit bank for prior work as a bargaining employee.