How do I maintain my monthly Health Care coverage?

The chart below shows the number of hours per month required for the different levels of coverage, for the contribution rate of $8.05 ( the contribution rate effective for most agreements as of January 1, 2017)

Schedule of Hours

                                                                        Level A     Level B     Level C
Hours Needed @ $8.05 rate                   140          120         100
Benefit Credits Required                        1,127        966         805
Maximum “Bank”                               4,508       3,864      3,220

If you select level A (1,127 Benefit Credits per month) and work 150 hours in June at $8.05 per hour, that 150 hours x $8.05 per hour earns you 1,207.50 Benefit Credits. 1,127 of your Benefit Credits are used for your coverage in August. This leaves you with 80.50 Benefit Credits added to your Bank.
These hour requirements and contribution rates will change. Current information can be obtained from the Trust Fund Office by calling (800) 752-2394 or (626) 279-3020.