Eligibility For Continuation

An event that causes a loss of coverage is called a “Qualifying Event”. Qualifying events for members include:

1. Reduction of hours by employee;

2. Employment ends for any reason other than gross misconduct.

A Dependent is a qualified beneficiary and may also elect to continue the medical coverage if the Dependent’s medical coverage terminates because of:

1. Death of the Employee;

2. Termination of the Employee’s employment (other than because of gross misconduct) or reduction in the number of hours worked;

3. Divorce or legal separation;

4. The Employee becoming covered under Medicare;

5. A Dependent ceasing to meet the definition of “Dependent”;

A qualified beneficiary must elect continuation coverage within 60 days after the later of:

1. The date coverage terminates under this Plan because of the qualifying event; or

2. The date the qualified beneficiary receives notice from the Trust Administrator of the right to this continuation.

COBRA and the provisions for the Right to Self-Pay are integrated to the extent that any continuation coverage provided by the provisions outlined in Section 7 for the right to Self-Pay operates concurrently with continuation coverage provided by COBRA.